Southside Baptist Church
Friday, April 26, 2019
Gaffney, South Carolina



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Updated on April 25, 2019

Special –    The Christians in Sri Lanka

Hospital     John Hyatt (SRM) Hip replacement

                  Raymond Yelton (SMC) Medical problems

                  Roxie Cash (SRM) Stroke. Raymond Yelton’s aunt

                  Jessie Harris (SMC) Rick & Kay Pearson’s great-grandson

                  Sarah Carroll (Greenville) Brain aneurysm. Myra McCoy’s cousin

                  Julia Duncan (Greenville Children’s Hospital) Requested by Dana Green

                  Caroline Stepp (Greenville Children’s Hospital) Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Sue Wright (Gaffney) Requested by Steven Crocker

                  Myra Painter (Aiken) Dot Painter’s daughter-in-law

                  Camden Mullinax (MUSC) David & Kelley Oglesby’s grandson

                  Annette Mintz (Spartanburg Rehabilitation, North Grove) Recovering from heart surgery

                  Mason Thompson (SMC – Restorative Care) Requested by Melinda Hulsey


Sympathy  To the family of Keith McGinnis


Church      Lukas Reeves – Severe ear infection

                  Alan Oglesby - Infection

                  Charlie Dover – To begin radiation treatments

                  Valerie Lydia – Gallbladder problems

                  Sheila White – Recovering from neck surgery

                  Gene Henderson – Recovering from knee surgery

                  Robin Childers – Health problems

                  Connie Earls – Chronic fatigue

                  Vici Teague – Health problems

                  Jeannie Henderson – Health problems

                  Melinda Hulsey Health problems


Others       Linda Panther – Shingles. Requested by Melinda Hulsey

                  Rev. Benny Davis – Under hospice care

                  Joe Johnson – Neck surgery May 3. Betty Smith’s son

                  Minnie Rochester – Mini stroke. Delores Hannon’s mother

                  Melissa Turner – Heart issue. Tony & Libby Thomas’ daughter

                  Tammy Dills – Cancer. Requested by Tina Stacey

                  Miranda West – Heart issues. Requested by Angie Sellers

                  Betty Harlow – Medical problems. Jim Harlow’s sister-in-law

                  Austin Green – Recovering from car accident. Requested by Faye Harris

                  Debra McDaniel – Diverticulitis. Josh Jackson’s mother

                  Gene Jordan - Injured in fall. Christy Knight’s brother-in-law

                  Sandra Frady – Broken shoulder. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Angelia Haynes – Cyst on frontal lobe of brain. Mary Haynes daughter-in-law

                  Tommy Neal – Health problems. Requested by Johnny Hulsey

                  Dana Covington – Medical tests. Josh Jackson’s aunt

                  Willian Mullinax – To have biopsy on thyroid. Myra McCoy’s father

                  Harley Coleman – To have surgery. Requested by Dana Green

                  Evelyn Laughlin – Having medical tests run May 14. Judy Childers’ mother

                  Teresa Duncan – Breast cancer. Requested by Dana Green

                  Anthony “Bubba” Spencer – Recovering from kidney & pancreas transplant. Requested by Allison Wilburn

                  Jim Prevost – Parkinson’s. Requested by Danny Higgins

                  Tessa Martin – Health concerns. Requested by Jennifer Henson

                  Steve Butler – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price

                  Mary Ann Spears – Breast cancer. Requested by Christy Knight

                  Steve McAbee Recovering from knee replacement. Christy Knight’s brother

                  Kimberly Elder – Cancer. Requested by Bryn Turner

                  Bobby Painter – Cancer treatment. Requested by Kelley Oglesby

                  Yvonne Wilson – Upcoming heart surgery. Requested by Faye Harris

                  Jo-Ann Bernarda – Ovarian cancer. Requested by Travis McGee

                  Mike “Bam” Moss – Cancer procedure. Requested by Allison Wilburn

                  Walter Pearson – Radiation treatments.  Rick Pearson’s dad


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice:

                  Jeff Butler – Azaleas of Aiken

                  Rev. John Goforth (Magnolias of Gaffney)

                  Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg

                  Margaret Oakes – Dillon Pointe, Spartanburg. Parnice Lester’s mother

                  Ruth Thompson –Brookview under Comfort Care


Homebound:  Rachel Blanton, Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Barbara Henry, Sara Martin, Gwen Owen, Doris Painter, Lib Phillips, James & Louise Wyatt


Military:    Addison Fox (Air Force)

                  Wren Gordon (Navy) – Deployed to Turkey. Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                  Kyle Childers (Navy)

                   Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law

                  Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew

                  Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                  James Belue (Air Guard) Katie Belue’s son

                  Alex Evans (National Guard) Katie Belue’s son-in-law

                  Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew



  To Give In Honor