Southside Baptist Church
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Gaffney, South Carolina



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Updated on February 19, 2018

Hospital     Taylor Brackins & baby Ava (Union)

                  Matthew Goins (Greenville Memorial)

                  Carye Sarratt (Greenville Memorial)

                  Rev. Jack Bratton (SMC)

                  Jessie Harris (SMC) Premature baby

                  Camden Mullinax (MUSC) Baby with a heart condition


Church      Charlie Dover – Cancer

                  Velina Owensby – Health problems

                  Larry Dengate – Health problems

                  Martha Thornton – Injured her elbow

                  Vici Teague – Injured knee

                  Paul Moss - Recovering from surgery

                  Becky Fox – Gallbladder surgery March 4

                  Gene & Jeannie Henderson – Health problems

                  Parnice Lester – Recovering from surgery on ankle

                  Raymond & Diane Yelton – Health problems

                  Melinda Hulsey Health problems


Others       McCrae Thornton – Recovering from surgery. Joe & Martha Thornton’s grandson      

                  Yvonne Wilson – Upcoming heart surgery. Requested by Faye Harris

                  Connie Foster – Cancer. Requested by Marie Head

                  Paul Wilkins – SCHP Trooper hit by car. Requested by Roxanna Haynes

                  Betty Blackwell – Recovering from cancer surgery. Vici Teague’s mother

                  Juanita Hough – Flu. Requested by Martha Kennington

                  Jo-Ann Bernarda – Ovarian cancer. Requested by Travis McGee

                  Justin Little – Recovering from surgery

                  Connie Vassey – Under hospice care. Requested by Evelyn Clary

                  Bob Corbett – Undergoing kidney dialysis

                  Erica Floyd – Recovering from knee replacement. Requested by Donna Floyd

                  Ginger Owens – Cancer. Requested by Christy Knight

                  James Davis – Triple bypass surgery. Requested by Valerie Lydia

                  Missy White – Health problems. Requested by Sheila White

                  Spence Barnhill – Kidney stones. Requested by Joyce Wright

                  Judy Walker – Medical tests. Linda Wilkin’s sister

                  Katherine Swaynghim – Under hospice care. Benjamin Swaynghim’s grandmother

                  Kim Eaker – Mass behind eye. Requested by Catherine Caughman

                  Joe Johnson – Health issues. Betty Smith’s son

                  Margaret Green – Dizziness & nausea. Steve Green’s mother

                  Smitty Cook - Recovering from heart surgery. Requested by Allison Wilburn

                  Faye Webb – Health problems. Molly Brown’s great grandmother

                  Austin Harris – Surgery on leg. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Mike “Bam” Moss – Cancer procedure. Requested by Allison Wilburn

                  Walter Pearson – Radiation treatments.  Rick Pearson’s dad

                  Jean Hannon – Health problems. Roger Hannon’s mother

                  Jilea Acrey - Injured in car accident. Bella Green’s aunt

                  David McAbee - Part of leg amputated. Requested by Chris Jolly

                  Bob Harris – Cancer. Requested by Roxanna Haynes

                  Patty Deaton – Cancer. Requested by Vici Teague

                  Arthur Frady – Aneurysm. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Joel Hill – Recovering from Stem Cell replacement

                  Sam Bogan – Medical test/upcoming surgery. Requested by Bryn Turner

                  Nancy Hambright – Health problems. Requested by Rick Pearson

                  Linda Levenhager – Health problems. Requested by Betty Smith

                  Bill Brown – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price

                  Margie Center – Esophagus problems. Bonnie Crocker’s sister       

                  Billy Richards Sr. – Bone marrow transplant

                  David Queen Colon surgery. Requested by Faye Harris

                  Hazel Martin – Cancer. Requested by Joyce Wright

                  Kimberly Elder – Stage 3 cancer. Requested by Bryn Turner

                  Barbara Brown – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price

                  William Gunter – Cancer. Larry Dengate’s brother-in-law


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice/Rehab Facilities:

                  Jeff Butler – Azaleas of Aiken

                  Candes Gibson – Peachtree

                  Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg

                  Margaret Oakes – Dillon Pointe, Spartanburg. Parnice Lester’s mother

                  Evelyn Osment – Brookview

                  Ruth Thompson –Brookview under Comfort Care

                  Nettie Wilkerson - White Oak at North Grove


Homebound:  Rachel Blanton, Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Barbara Henry, Sara Martin, Gwen Owen, Doris Painter, Lib Phillips, James & Louise Wyatt


Military:    Addison Fox (Air Force)

                  Wren Gordon (Navy) – Deployed to Turkey. Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                  Kyle Childers (Navy)

                  Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law

                  Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew

                  Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                  James Belue (Air Guard) Katie Belue’s son

                  Alex Evans (National Guard) Katie Belue’s son-in-law

                  Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew








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