Southside Baptist Church
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Gaffney, South Carolina

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January 14, 2020

Special         For the United States

                     To the many with Covid-19*

                     For the Youth/Chaperones on the Youth Retreat this weekend

                     The Helmly Family as they become Foster parents


Sympathy    To the family of Jeff Butler

                     To Mike Cartee in the death of his brother, Douglas Cartee

                     To the family of Tommy Medley


Hospital       Sheila Cole (SMC) Covid-19

                     Johnny Babb (SMC) Requested by Johnny Price

                     Raymond Yelton (North Grove) For rehab

                     Marcia Melton – (North Grove For rehab. Requested by Matt Cook

                     Adam Floyd (Oconee) ICU – Seizures. Donna Hyatt’s son

                     Jeff Bailey (New York) Covid-19. Requested by Autumn Cole

                     Tom Ramsey (SMC) Covid-19. Requested by Bobby Stacey

                     Guadalupe Alvarez (SMC) Recovering from cancer surgery. Requested by Danny Higgins

                     Bobby Byars (SMC) Brain aneurysm

                     Tommy  Phillips (SMC) Covid-19 and pneumonia. Requested by Autumn Cole

                     Stephanie Harold – Under hospice care. Requested by Sheila White


Church         Steve Jolly – Medical problems

                     Robbie Harris - To see urologist specialist at Duke Jan. 27

                     Donnie Gates – Home from the hospital with Covid-19

                     Mitzi Forrester  - Health problems

                     Joe Brown – Back problems

                     Beth Ellis – Recovering from hip surgery

                     Faye Cartee – Health problems

                     Rick Wilkins – Surgery Feb. 1

                     David Henson – Medical problems

                     Matt Clary – Recovering from knee surgery

                     Jerry Sellers – To see oncologist

                    Paul Moss – Health problems


Others         Zack & Cassidy Scoggins – Pregnancy

                     Buck LeMasters – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price

                     Kim Turner – Shoulder surgery Jan. 6. Requested by Rick Pearson

                     Ken Minor – Back surgery. Requested by Danny Higgins

                     Robert Daugherty – Health problems. Requested by Catherine Caughman

                     Carla Duarte – Breast cancer

                     Dolores Morris – Breast cancer. Requested by Rhonda Miller

                     Lara Glover – Health issues. Carolyn Camps’ daughter

                     Peggy Wyatt – Colon surgery Jan. 13. Requested by Tammie McGee

                     John Lee – Lung cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                     Sam Patterson – Liver cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                     Justin Maney – Leukemia. Requested by Candy Pettit

                     Jennifer Goodnight – Back surgery. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                     David Gregory – Massive heart attack. Requested by Roy Brackins

                     Johnny Phillips – Cancer. Requested by Nettie Wilkerson

                     Cherry Huston – Drug addiction. Requested by Danny Higgins

                     Ashley Marlowe & Baby Alloree – Requested by Tina Stacey

                     Wayne Bailey – Cancer. Requested by Elaine Price

                     Harold Putnam – Leukemia. Sheila White’s brother                              

                     Lynn Peterson – Breast cancer. Requested by Dana Green

                     Billy Thomas – Cirrhosis of the liver. Requested by Danny Higgins

                     Halea Wylie – Cancer. Requested by Diane Yelton

                     Sherry Parris – Breast cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                     Marianne Swayngim – Recovering from a stroke. Requested by Benjamin Swayngim 

                     Debra Humphries – Cancer. Requested by Bonnie Crocker

                     Ken Wood – Prostate cancer. Requested by Mike Childers


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes

                     Rev. John Goforth – The Retreat of Gaffney

                     Gene Henderson – Pacifica (Skylyn) rehab

                     Jeanie Henderson – Inverness of Spartanburg

                     Pat Mintz – The Retreat of Gaffney



 Rachel Blanton, Earl & Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Barbara Henry, Sara Martin, Annette Mintz and Dot Painter


Military         Kyle Childers (Navy) On deployment

                     Thomas Coleman (Marines)

                     Addison Fox (Air Force)

                    Wren Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                    Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew

                    Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                    Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew


*Please note since we have so many people with Covid-19 at different stages of the illness we have group them under one heading, except if they are in the hospital.   



  To Give In Honor