Southside Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Gaffney, South Carolina
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November 19, 2019

Hospital     Sheila White (SMC)

                      Steve Arrowwood (MUSC) Recovering from liver transplant. Diane Yelton’s brother

                     Suzanne Brown (Duke) Requested by Johnny Price


Sympathy  To the family of James Wyatt


Church      Clarence Cook – Swollen kidney/infection

                  Chuck Blanken – Multiple tumors

                  Bobby Stacey – Waiting on biopsy results

                  Rick Pearson – Back problems

                  Chris Jolly – Blood clots

                  Blake Mason – To have tonsils removed

                  Edd Wilkerson - Recovering from shoulder surgery

                  Tina Stacey – Problems with her hip

                  John Hyatt – Knee problems

                  Ida Wylie – Health issues


Others       Leslie Kierstead – Cancer. Requested by Dionne Durham

                  Linda Meetz – Cancer

                  Craig Spurlin – Special concerns. Requested by Nick Mason

                  Paul Allison – Cancer. Requested by Steven Crocker

                  Lawson Blanton – Hip/leg surgery. Requested by Matt Cook

                  Joe Johnson – Shoulder surgery Nov. 27. Betty Smith’s son

                  Kay James – Cancer. Requested by Sheila White

                  Tim Neely – Knee surgery Dec. 23. Requested by John Hyatt

                  Brandy McCraw – Breast Cancer. Requested by Kay Pearson

                  Peyton Westbrook – Seizures. Requested by Ava Herlihy

                  Heather Price – Cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Walter Pearson – Health problems. Rick Pearson’s dad

                  Mike Pierce – Colon cancer. Requested by Rick Pearson

                  Claudia Butler – Cancer. Requested by Catherine Caughman

                  Toisan Eaves – MS & cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                  Kenzi Friday – To have MRI on back. Requested by Donald Haynes

                  Lamonda Peeler – Stroke. Requested by Christy Knight

                  Molly Peeler – Cancer. Requested by Lois Hamrick

                  Ravonda Goodman – Cancer. Requested by Tina Stacey

                  Josh Upchurch – Stomach cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Mickey Standridge – Cancer. Requested by Catherine Caughman

                  Doris Blackwell – Cancer. Requested by Kay Pearson

                  Josh Lydia – Colon Cancer. Requested by Matt Lydia

                  Keith Turner – Cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Nancy Williams – Cancer. Requested by Donna Floyd

                  Perry Belue - Cancer. Requested by Vicki Threadgill

                  Camden Mullinax – David & Kelley Oglesby’s grandson

                  Robert Weaver – Cancer. Requested by Bobby Stacey

                  Mary Jane Coyle – Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Requested by Autumn Cole

                  Carolyn Mintz – Parkinson’s and cancer. Requested by Bobbie Smith

                  Hack Brown – Cancer. Requested by Valerie Lydia

                  Becky Hudson – To begin cancer treatment. Faye Cartee’s sister

                  Stuart Haggarty – Cancer. Requested by Donna Floyd


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice:

                  Jeff Butler Azaleas of Aiken

                  Roxie Cash Magnolias of Gaffney

                  Charlotte Daves – Summit Hills in Spartanburg

                  Rev. John Goforth – Magnolias of Gaffney

                  Frances Hall – Woodbridge (formerly Maranatha), Spartanburg

                  Gene & Jeanie Henderson – Inverness of Spartanburg

                  Pat Mintz – Magnolias of Gaffney

                  Gwen Owen - Brookview


Homebound:  Rachel Blanton, Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Barbara Henry, Sara Martin, Annette Mintz, Doris Painter, Lib Phillips, and Louise Wyatt


Military:    Addison Fox (Air Force) In Iraq

                  Wren Gordon (Navy) Deployed to Turkey. Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                  Kyle Childers (Navy)

                  Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew

                  Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                  Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew

                  Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew