Southside Baptist Church
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Gaffney, South Carolina








Updated on September 18, 2018

For those recovering from the damage of Hurricane Florence

Hospital     Ken Owen (SRMC) - Stroke

                  Rev. Sidney Norton (SRMC – Heart Center) By-pass surgery

                  Larry Covington (Mary Black, Spartanburg) Back surgery. Tammy Bright’s dad

                  Evelyn Hughes (Gaffney) Congestive heart failure. Requested by Angie Sellers

                  Don Leslie (Greenville) Tumor. Requested by Linda Wilkins


Rehab        Marie Campbell (Summit Hills) Johnny Price’s sister

                  Peggy Griner (Spartanburg Rehab., North Grove) Faye Cartee’s sister

                  Bruce Faulkner (Asheville Palliative Care) Requested by Martha Kennington


Church      Judy Harrill – Recovering from knee surgery

                  Faye Cartee – Heart back out of rhythm. To see new doctor

                  Nettie Wilkerson – Problems with her hip

                  Jennifer Henson – Recovering from foot surgery

                  Joyce Wright – More medical tests

                  Josh Wyatt – Health issues

                  Elaine Price – Radiation treatments

                  David Oglesby - Injured in work related accident

                  Thomas Wyatt - Infection in foot

                  Ryan Peterson – Medical tests

                  Raymond Yelton - Infection in foot

                  Jamie Kennington – Stress test

                  Joe Brown – Recovering from procedure on throat

                  Pam Goforth – Trouble with blood sugar

                  Jeanie Henderson – Surgery September 26


Others       Dustin George  - Sent to Kinston, NC for relief efforts. Donna Brackett’s son

                  Jordyn Patton – Home after extensive surgery. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                  Eddie Barnett – Bone cancer

                  Bob Corbett – Recovering from knee surgery

                  Ashton Bridges – Recent hospital stay

                  Ashby Blakely – Problems with his foot

                  Talon Titus – Kidney problems. Requested by Tammy Bright

                  Teresa Wilkins – Waiting on heart transplant. Requested by Bonnie Crocker

                  Adam Minter Personal problems

                  Brad Talent – Irregular heart beat

                  Diane Bridges – Cancer. Requested by Melody Joy

                  Steve Upchurch – Broken ankle

                  Steve McAbee - Infection. Christy Knight’s brother

                  Glenn Teaster – Medical problems. Elaine Price’s father

                  Sylvia Dover – Pancreatic cancer. Requested by Libby Thomas

                  Billy Richards Sr. – Needing bone marrow transplant. Requested by Kay Pearson

                  Robert Weaver – Bone cancer. Requested by Bobby Stacey

                  Crystal Mabry – Cancer. Requested by Chris Jolly

                  Eddie McCraw – Needing liver transplant. Requested by Jeff Buice

                  Doug Brom – More medical tests. Requested by Bobbie Smith

                  Emmet Hodges – Prostate surgery. Requested by Ben Swayngim

                  Denise O’Neal – Breast cancer. Requested by Jane Fagan

                  Jason Shackleford – Recovering from spinal surgery. Jon Shackleford’s brother

                  Daniel Mullinax - Stem cell transplant. Donna Floyd’s nephew

                  Jake Pearson – Recovering from shoulder surgery. Rick & Kay Pearson’s grandson

                  Terry DeVore Chemo treatments. Requested by Jerry & Angie Sellers

                  Bobby Lipscomb – Under hospice care. Vicki Threadgill’s brother

                  Katherine Swayngim – Cancer. Ben Swayngim’s grandmother

                  Jim Ward – Fractured hip. Requested by Brenda Parker

                  Ginger Owens –Cancer. Requested by Christy Knight

                  Lennox Ostendorff ALD (genetic disease) Jamie Kennington’s nephew

                  Alfred Ramsey – Cancer. Requested by Chris Jolly

                  Hubert Martin – Lung cancer. Requested by Cheryl Alexander


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice/Rehab Facilities:

                  Jeff Butler – Aiken

                  Frances Coyle – Peachtree

                  Gantt Crocker – Magnolias of Gaffney. Cathy Thornton’s dad

                  Candes Gibson – Peachtree

                  Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg

                  Evelyn McCraw – Brookview

                  Grace Medley – Magnolias

                  Evelyn Osment – Brookview

                  Rachel Sells – Brookview

                  Ruth Thompson – Brookview


Homebound:  Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Barbara Henry, Sara Martin, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, James & Louise Wyatt


Military:    Addison Fox – Enlisted in Air Force

                  Wren Gordon (Navy) – Deployed to Turkey. Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                  Kyle Childers (Navy)

                  Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law

                  Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew

                  Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                  James Belue (Air Guard) Ansel & Katie Belue’s son

                  Alex Evans (National Guard) Ansel & Katie Belue’s son-in-law

                  Landon Mintz (Army) Serving in Afghanistan. Cathy Thornton’s Nephew







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